Neo-Flex Monitor Stand

Antal skärmar: 1, Max skärmstorlek: 24″, Skärmvikt: 2,7 – 7,3 kg



Produktblad Neo-Flex Monitor Stand

Instantly set the height of your LCD for a more comfortable computing experience. With fingertip effort, raise or lower your LCD 5″ (13 cm), pan left/right, tilt forward/back and rotate your screen for portrait/landscape viewing.

  • Upgrade monitors or TVs with improved ergonomic adjustability
  • Patented CF™ lift-and-pivot motion technology provides premium adjustment
  • Neo-Flex is the only weight-adjustable desk stand available
  • Easily position your LCD for maximum comfort and productivity
  • Five-inch vertical adjustment enhances ergonomics for multiple users
  • Sleek, durable, easy-to-clean plastic exterior
  • Rollers in base allow easy side-to-side rotation




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