Kiosker för inomhus- och utomhusbruk.

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  • DK Classic

    DK Classic is an elegant kiosk featuring a slim housing made in anodized aluminium - this unit fits perfectly into any surroundings

  • DK Function

    DK Function is a very functional kiosk with a flexibility and user friendliness that makes it ideal for self service

  • DK Image

    With a wall mounted DK Image wide screen, you will have a space saving kiosk with an elegant timeless design

  • DK Outdoor

    DK Outdoor is a kiosk specifically designed for outdoor applications such as information terminal, navigation or ticket system placed in city areas, public places or entertainment parks

  • DK XL Duo

    The slim lined DK XL Duo has two back to back screens which ensure optimal utilization of your floor area as it allows you to address or interact with people on both sides of the stand.

  • DK XL42

    DK XL42 is an ultra thin and elegant big screen totem kiosk made from ultra thin anodized aluminium profiles; with an overall thickness of only 9 cm the unit fits easily into any surroundings

  • Infokiosk 730

    The housing of Infokiosk 730 is made from aluminium and steel and its default colour is high gloss white (with black edges)