Neo-Flex All-In-One Lift Stand

Antal skärmar: 1, Max skärmstorlek: 24″, Skärmvikt: 2,7 – 7,3 kg



Produktblad Neo-Flex All-In-One Lift Stand

Add ergonomic adjustability and portability while saving space with this unique all-in-one stand. The perfect accessory for space-constrained areas, it enables you to mount both a CPU and display while providing effortless height adjustment of the monitor.

  • Transport a workstation anywhere easily and quickly
  • Deploy multiple, complete computer systems with ease; pick up systems using the integrated handle and lock them up at night
  • Open architecture design allows users to attach a variety of systems, including gaming platforms like Playstation and Xbox
  • Mix & match CPU box and monitor from different vendors; update the display or CPU without disturbing full system
  • Position your display for maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve eye, neck and back strain
  • Compact design and small footprint keeps workspace manageable—great for computer labs
  • Easy to use: Simple installation and effortless operation



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