Kiosk 730

The Kiosk 730 is the bigger and more versatile version of the Kiosk 530. With a larger screen and a modular design that allows it to be easily disassembled into three parts and transported in a transportation box, the Kiosk 730 is perfect for businesses that need a highly flexible and portable interactive solution. Whether you need it for point-of-information, customer assistance, or self-service purposes, the Kiosk 730 can be customized to meet your specific needs. Choose the turnkey system for a ready-to-use solution, or opt for the barebone housing and customize it with your own hardware.




  • Screen: Commercial Grade 32” or 43” PCAP Touchscreen or IR-Touchscreen
  • Casing: Semi-Aluminium casing. Disassemblable into 3 parts
  • Computer: Intel Celeron/i3/i5/i7 processor
  • Security: Lockable with a key. Vandal proof. Can be anchored to the floor.
  • Footprint: 0.3 m2



  • Default color: High gloss white with black edges
  • Full customization
  • Casing in any RAL colour
  • Custom labelling
  • Sidetables and other accessories


Optional Features

  • Software: Sitekiosk with virtual keyboard
  • Possible to add second screen
  • Tranportation box
  • Printer
  • Scanner (2D/QR/Mobile phone screen)
  • Smart card reader
  • Speakers
  • RFID
  • Network connectivity Wifi, 4G/5G
  • Remote monitoring and administration