Kiosk 515

Kiosk 515 is a stylish wall-mounted touchscreen kiosk designed for indoor, self-service use 24/7. Its compact size allows it to fit into any interior space.




  • Screen: 19’’ touchscreen
  • Casing: Vandal proof brushed stainless steel
  • Computer: Intel Celeron/i3/i5/i7 processor
  • Power consumption: Less than 60w*
  • Security: Lockable with a key
  • Depth: 6.4 cm



  • Full customization
  • Casing in any RAL colour
  • Custom labelling


Optional Features

  • Software: Sitekiosk with virtual keyboard
  • Privacy filter for the screen
  • Scanner (2D/QR/Mobile phone screen)
  • Smart card reader
  • RFID
  • Network connectivity Wifi, 4G/5G
  • Remote monitoring and administration