110.0mm x 126mm, IP65, 3 buttons, 50mm stainless steel trackball



IP65 vandal proof metal Trackball with IP65 static rated 50.0mm mechanical trackball module with black hardened resin ball, with adjustable resolutions functionalities from low to higher to meet different application requirements, with IP65 dynamic sealed 3 stainless steel mouse buttons,  1.50m top stainless steel plate with threaded bolts for top panel mounting solution. Black titanium electroplated on the stainless steel surface.
Dimensions: 110.0mm x 126mm (top panel)


Emulates most popular mice – uses existing mouse driver and mouse software Interfaces for most workstations and computers.
All Metal Mechanicals provide for rugged, smooth, long lasting and no noisy operation.
Available 38mm diameter Stainless steel for smooth, quick and durable operation and precise cursor positioning.
Rate Sensitive Dynamic Resolution provides for accelerated movement of the cursor when the ball is moved fast, while retaining one-pixel positioning accuracy when the ball is moved slowly.
can be mounted horizontally, and vertically.
no metal bearings inside, operation is very smooth, and easy without any noise.


Mechanical Data Ball diameter 50mm
Track ball lifespan > 10 Mio revolutions
Actuation Force 1.0N to 3.0N
Dimension 50 mm diameter for ball, 100.0mm x 116.0mm (front panel)
Interface USB available only
Electrical Power supply 5V DC+ 10%, keyboard interface
Protection level IP65 (static), NEMA3
EMC Standard EN55022(B)
Power consuming ≤1.00W(dynamic)
Environmental Operating temperature -10oC~+ 60o C
Storage temperature – 30oC~+ 70oC
Operating RH 30~90%
Atmospheric pressure 60~106Kpa.
Reliable Certificates RoHS compliant, CE and FCC certified. ESD
MTBF >50000h
MTTR < 30min
OS All Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Vxworks, Android, (U-cos–To be confirmed)



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