82.1mm x 70.4mm, IP65, 16 keys zinc alloy chromed numeric keypad


16 keys compact format IP65 vandal proof metal dot matrix keypad with Zinc alloy chromed keys and frame, with industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch with long stroke 2.0mm, rear panel mounted, dot matrix keypad without electronics controller. Blue backlight Included.
Dimensions: 82.10mm x 70.40mm (front panel)

Telephone set.
Access control digital lock systems.
Cabinet security etc.

Main features
zinc alloy chromed frame and keys.
Vandal resistant
Conductive rubber made of natural silicone.
Waterproof, corrosion resistance.
Aging resistance.
Double sided board.
Good sided board.
Good for contact of goldfinger.
4×4 design.

Technical parameters
Force 160-180 drams
Contact resistance < 100ohm
Life span >= 500 thousand
LED voltage: 3V
Defend grade: IP65

Packing information
Weight: GW 9.0KG/ctn


Kategori: Tangentbord och mus, Metalltangentbord, Belysta