62.6mm x 70.0mm, IP65, 12 keys zinc alloy chromed numeric keypad


12 keys compact format IP 65 vandal proof metal dot matrix keypad with Zinc alloy chromed keys and frame, with industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch with long stroke 2.0mm, rear panel mounted, dot matrix keypad without electronics controller. Blue backlight optional.
Dimensions: 62.60mm x 70.00mm (front panel)MAIN FEATURES

1)Highly antidestructive power,
2)Force 160-180 grams, nimble dial-up
3)Contact resistance<100 Ω
4)Service life≥500 thousand
5)Ambient temperature -20~+50 °C
6)Relative humidity ≤ 95%
7)Atmospheric pressure 80~106kPa
8)Defend gradeIP65~IP67


1)alloy chrome-plasted button and framework
2)Natural sillcone electroconductive rubber
3)Epoxy resin gilding

PCB Users choice
1)Button chrome-plasted colors: polished or sandblasted chrome.
2)Zinc alloy – plasted of the framework’s colors: polished or sandblasted chrome
3)Other usage keyboard is available besides using for telephone and access control systems.

Kategori: Tangentbord och mus, Metalltangentbord, Nummerplatta