Honeywell Xenon 1950g

2700 kr

Trådbunden streckkodsläsare för alla 1D/2D streckkoder.

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Produktblad honeywell_xenon_1950g

1D/2D scanner (also reads Digimarc, OCR and DOT codes (depending on the configuration)
Reads damaged and hard-to-read barcodes
Impact-resistant from 1.8 m, IP52 certification
Also available as a healthcare variant
Optional vibration mode

The Honeywell area imager Xenon Performance (XP) 1950g for retail, logistics, transportation and healthcare is a great reader, and is not picky – it reliably captures faded and damaged 1D/2D barcodes, postal Digimarc, OCR and DOT codes (depending on the configuration). This simplifies tasks, improves performance and, above all, gives staff and customers more time.

Honeywell knows which particular features an area imager needs in order to be successful. That’s why the corded Honeywell Xenon Performance (XP) 1950g fits wonderfully in your hand and is designed to be very robust. The Xenon Performance withstands up to 50 falls from 1.8 m, also reliably scans barcodes in 95% humidity and features IP52 certification.

The Xenon Performance (XP) is quickly integrated, since it supports all common interfaces: USB, keyboard wedge, RS-232, as well as RS-485 with support for TCGS (IBM) 64XX.

The Xenon Performance (XP) is also available as a healthcare variant with disinfectant-resistant housing. Frequent cleanings with aggressive chemicals don’t bother it in the least.