Honeywell Voyager 1200g

1160 kr

Trådbunden streckkodsläsare för alla 1D streckkoder.

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Produktblad honeywell1200g

Worldwide successful laser scanner
Use as hand or presentation scanner (stand optional)
Futuristic design and high-end performance
Aggressive reading for damaged or small barcodes
Multi-interface: USB, KBW and RS-232 in one device

With a futuristic design, the Honeywell handheld laser scanner Voyager 1200g boasts high-tech components: the single-line laser scans barcodes most accurately and even poorly printed, damaged or smudged codes are read easily. Whether at the checkout, in the warehouse, the workshop or the laboratory – it always makes a good impression.

The Voyager 1200g not only captures all 1D and GS1 DataBar codes, but also reads the smallest codes up to 3.5 mil. It features a multi-interface for USB, KBW and RS-232, and automatic interface identification – a single device which is thus compatible with almost any system.

Using the optional scan stand, you turn the handheld scanner into a presentation scanner for the table or counter in no time. The scanner detects when it is placed in the stand and switches to »Presentation Mode« automatically. Thanks to its object recognition sensor, users simply pass the goods in front the scanner (which are automatically captured) and achieve high throughput.

The Honeywell Voyager 1200g features the popular CodeGate technology, which makes working with lists an easy task.