Glide Wall Mount, VHD

Antal skärmar: 1, Skärmstorlek: 46″ – 63″, Skärmvikt: 20,4 – 31,8 kg



Produktblad Glide Wall Mount, VHD

Effortlessly raise and lower your TV or large display 16″ (40 cm) and tilt the screen up to 10° to avoid glare. This revolutionary design delivers unprecedented height adjustability in an extremely low profile module. Move your display with only a light touch; down to watch from a seated position or up for viewing while standing.

  • Lift, lower and tilt for the perfect picture and comfortable viewing
  • Display/TV moves with only a light touch with patented CF™ technology
  • Discreet mounting hardware nearly disappears
  • Raise TV during standing activities
  • Display stays close to the wall, out of the way; mount depth is 2.5″ (6.4 cm)
  • Easy to use—simple installation and effortless operation
  • Ratchet-free tilting



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