Datalogic Gryphon I GM4200

4400 kr

Trådlös 1D streckkodsläsare med laddare/bas och usb-kabel.

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Produktblad datalogic_gm4200

Wireless linear imager for use in retail, manufacturing and healthcare
Inductive charging increases reliability and maximises ROI
2,550 mAh battery for up to 60 hours of continuous usage, disinfectant-ready enclosures
No interference in highly frequented WLAN infrastructures, thanks to narrow band radio
Patented »Green Spot« technology and 3GL provide maximum visual feedback

Thanks to its integrated CCD engine, the Datalogic Gryphon I GM4200 mobile 1D linear imager not only captures all common 1D barcodes at a high speed, but also those which are badly damaged or nearly faded. Thanks to its narrow band radio (433 MHz / 933 MHz), its batch memory for up to 2,300 bar codes and its powerful battery for up to 60 hours of continuous operation, the GM4200 is a good choice for retail and manufacturing. The disinfectable »DRA« housing of the ergonomic entry-level scanner even resists aggressive cleaning agents, thereby also supporting usage in sensitive areas, such as laboratories or pharmacies.

Its outstanding features, such as inductive charging and the patented »Green Spot« with 3GL (3 Green Lights), increase reliability and productivity in daily usage. Particularly the direct connection and charging via USB-C are among the special features that crown the GM4200 as one of the best in its class.